Lawn Mowers

If you are seeking the immaculate striped lawn we recommend a cylinder mower with a back roller; and if your garden has a few lumps and bumps and you are wanting to keep it neat and tidy we recommend a rotary, hover or robotic mower. The size and shape of your lawn will factor in the type of lawn mower you should consider:

Small lawns we suggest a cutting width up to 12in and offer a range of hand pushed, electric or cordless mowers.

Medium lawns we suggest a cutting width up to 18in and offer a range of electric, cordless or smaller petrol mowers.

Large lawns the bigger the cutting width the quicker you will complete the job and we recommend cordless or petrol mowers with even the ride-on option is you wish.

Battery technology advancements has seen cordless lawn mowers become as powerful as petrol with the added advantages of requiring less maintenance and being more environmentally friendly.