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Lawn Edging Buyers Guide

Garden Lawn Edging

Garden edging is used to create clean crisps lines dividing parts of your garden. The one thing that can spoil your perfect lawn is if the edges are untidy where the grass is growing into the adjacent borders. Lawn edging will allow you to create and maintain crisp edges without the... Read more

Garden Chainsaws Buyers Guide

Chainsaws Buyers Guide

Chainsaws are dangerous so we have aimed to provide a simple guide to the different types of chainsaw available and also to highlight their differences so you can decide which would be best for you... Read more

Hedge Trimmers Buyers Guide

Hedge Trimmers

If you want to keep your hedge neat a tidy then a hedge trimmer is the ideal tool. Not only are these great at allowing you to shape bushes and hedges but there are also a range of long reach / pole trimmers which remove the need for ladders... Read more