Leaf Blowers & Vacuums

Clearing leaves is easier with a leaf blower as it will reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to gather the leaves or small twigs and grass cuttings. Some leaf blowers can also be easily used as a vacuum which is great for collecting and mulching the leaves that can then be used around plants.

  • Cordless leaf blowers are the smart choice for those concerned about the environment and are ideal for the average home.
  • Electric leaf blowers like the cordless are ideal for the average home and comes with the added advantage of not having to be concerned about a battery running out, but does come with the hassle of possibly needing an extension cable.
  • Petrol leaf blowers are great for big jobs and commercial projects, but are noisier, heavier and produce fumes.

Care should be taken to limit damage to insect habitats, please use your leaf-blower sparingly and with care.