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Timber Sourcing

Timber Sourcing Policy

As the UK's leading one-stop online gardening store we recognise our responsibilities in the conservation of the World's forests and the potential we have to make a difference to the way our wood product suppliers operate. Both retailers and consumers can help by increasing demand for certified timber, particularly for tropical hardwoods which are used extensively in garden furniture. It can take years to bring forest management practices up to the required standard so we work with our strategic partners around the world, supporting those who have worked or are willing to work actively towards certification. In doing this, we strive to improve standards in our partner countries.

We commit to only source timber products which can be verified as manufactured from legally obtained timber. We seek credible certification from each of our suppliers to ensure our compliance with this policy. We elect not to buy any timber from Burma due to the extreme nature of the situation for the country's people. For more information visit:

We will use the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) scheme as the benchmark for independent forestry certification schemes although other schemes, including local or national initiatives may also be acceptable as part of a rounded risk assessment.


In order to comply with our Timber Sourcing Policy we will:

  • Communicate policy to our suppliers
  • Implement policy with our current supply base
  • Work with our strategic suppliers to increase the amount of certified wood used in their products.
  • Ensure all new suppliers to provide full information regarding Chain-of-Custody before their products are considered for selection. If, following our audit of this information, they do not meet the requirements of our policy then their products will be rejected.

We will continually review the level of compliance and this policy will be reviewed annually. Policy implementation is the responsibility of the Commercial Director, Greenfingers Trading Limited.

We are licensed under the FSC Trademark Service license holder scheme to use the FSC term and logo and we are audited regularly by FSC to ensure all of our FSC labelled products have a valid Chain-of-Custody. Our license number is FSC-N001623.