Thompson and Morgan Succulents Grow Kit

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Succulents, also known as Sempervivum, can be sown indoors year round or outdoors from February to July. They are sometimes slow, but always incredibly rewarding to grow.


  • When you're ready to sow your seeds, place one of the compost discs in a small bowl with about 1cm of tepid water in the bottom. As the disc soaks up the water, it will start to expamd.
  • Keep adding water little by little, taking care not to let the compost become completely waterlogged. There's no need to flip the soaking disc over;it will take water up to the top over time.
  • Once the disc has expanded to about 4.5-5cm high, and is quite moist, gently crumble the compost into the biodegradable pots provided.
  • Once you get then hang of soaking the discs, you can do several at once, until the pots are filled.
  • Before sowing your seeds, stand the pots in a tray of water to moisten them completely, and then let them drain.
  • Scatter the seeds very lightly over the surface.
  • After sowing in the pots provided, place in polythene bag and keep them in a warm, shaded area. The airing cupboard would be perfect.


  • Take care to keep the top of the compost moist, but not too wet. Once the seeds have germinated, take them out of the polythene bag and keep them in good light, but not in direct sun.


  • Transplant seedlings once large enough to handle into 7.5cm (3in) pots. Grow on in a cold greenhouse or conservatory and plant out the following spring 15cm (6in) apart in full sun. For groundcover, space the plants closer together
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