Thompson and Morgan Bonsai Acer Grow Kit

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Acers are slow-growing trees, but they will provide years of colour and interest whether grown as a Bonsai or as a full-sized tree.


  • When you're ready to sow your seeds, place one of the compost discs in a small bowl with about 1cm of tepid water in the bottom. As the disc soaks up the water, it will start to expand.
  • Keep adding water little by little, taking care not to let the compost become completely waterlogged. There's no need to flip the soaking disc over; it will take water up to the top over time.
  • Once the disc has expanded to about 4.5-5cm high, and is quite moist, gently crumble the compost into the biodegradable pots provided.
  • Once you get then hang of soaking the discs, you can do several at once, until the pots are filled.
  • Now sow the seeds in the pots at a depth of 6mm (1/4 in). Keep the compost moist, but be careful not to over water.
  • When it comes to transplanting or potting on your acer tree, you can plant the whole pot into the larger container without disturbing its roots.


    • Sow seeds in the pots provided at any time of year. After sowing, seal the pots in a polythene bag to ensure a humid atmosphere, and keep at a temperature of 20-25°C (70-75°F) for 4 weeks. If seeds haven't germinated within this time, put the polythene bag with the seed pots in the fridge. After 4 weeks, take them out and put them again at a temperature of 20-25°C (70-75°F) until germination.


    • When plants are large enough to handle, transplant them into 7.5cm (3in) pots and continue to pot on into larger pots as roots become obvious through the drainage holes. Once the plants are well-established, plant them out in the garden in full sun or partial shade. Acers prefer a moist-well-drained soil.
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