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One of the best kept secrets of outdoor grill cooking is aromatizing food while it is cooking. The gentle but continuous wafting of flavour through your food while it is cooking creates some of the most sublime and delicious tastes imaginable. But the Outdoor Chef Flavouring Pan isn’t only for creating flavours, it is ideal for creating whole dishes!

  • Virtually Indestructible Cast Iron

The Outdoor Chef Flavouring Pan is ideal for flavouring foods such as chicken, fish and meat. You’ll quickly discover that creating the right flavour mix to put into your flavouring pan is as exciting as cooking your meal. It is also the perfect place to be adventurous! Try out chilies and thyme soaked in olive oil for a spicy, yet flavoursome chicken, or turn your hand to a mustard, garlic and honey mix for your pork roast. Flavouring your food just took on a whole new dimension.

Did you know that you can cook lasagne, gratins and desserts in your Outdoor Chef BBQs? This Outdoor Chef Flavouring Pan means that you can easily create apple pies, tarte tatin, and a whole smorgasbord of other meals in your BBQ! Let the taste adventure begin!

Unlike other alternatives, the cast iron nature of this pan ensures a more even cooking temperature while still being virtually indestructible.


This product is designed to work best with the Outdoor Chef Range. It is suitable for the following model ranges:

  • 570
  • 480
  • 420

For best results set your Outdoor Chef Funnel system to: DIRECT or INDIRECT.

Suitable For:

  • Gas
  • Charcoal
  • Electric
  • H4 x Dia24cm

Feeling hungry? Looking for inspiration? Take a look at these great recipes for Chicken in beer, trout with herb stock and tarte tatin here and give your taste buds a head start on your next delicious barbeque!

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