Garland Slug trap

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Chemical free, environmentally friendly and harmless to any other wildlife or pets, this is one of the most effective slug traps we have ever used. Simply fill with beer. 26x20.5cm.

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Undreamt of - a TRUE well-designed slug trap!!! Sue Madden on 7 September 2019

This thing works beyond our wildest dreams. I have friends in Italy who want me to bring some over when I go. The harvest of slugs is so huge I`m beginning to think the word is getting around and they think it`s a pub!!!! No, seriously it`s amazing!!

Good value Kazza on 28 August 2019

Easy to use, good value and catch slugs. Not caught many snails yet.

Good Value Slug Trap Lattice design containers on 1 August 2019

These traps are brilliant and sturdy. They are catching the slippery critters good time.

Ideal JohnY on 10 July 2019

Bought this having lost whole bed of flowers to slugs and as we have lots of birds visiting our garden didn't want to use slug pellets. We bought three and they began working first day and we haven't lost a plant since.Fair price compared to local garden centres.

Fantastic! !!! Shmagic on 8 June 2019

I hate using slug pellets as we have a lot of birds visit the garden. 2 thrush do a reasonably good job on the snails but slugs are a nightmare. We also have a young beagle who could eat pellets so wanted to try something that was harmless to pets. Put some beer in the trap and left overnight in 2 areas...only checked one as it said fumes build up over 3 days. Think at least 10 slugs in one trap that I put near a plant that had slug damage. Loving it so far ...ordered 2 more just need to get cheaper beer I used Belhaven best ..husband finished off what was left after filling the 2 traps.

Excellent product Emma on 29 June 2018

An amazing product which is simple to use and got rid of the problem!


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